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You try to walk outa your den precariously,
You try to shield yourself,
You try to fight it off.
You try, just try and never succeed.

Its time to feel it, time to feel something that has fascinated us whenever we used to see those romantic bollywood songs with scantily dressed actors who rock and roll amidst white landscapes and snow peaked mountains.

Welcome to reality folks. Its that time of the year when you prepare to leave the cozy warmth of your home and clad yourself with numerous layers of clothing in your desperate attempt to keep your privates from getting frozen. Its that time of the year that comes after partial Polar Night (when the sun is almost below the horizon and a lingering dusk will be pretty much the best thing that can happen). Its that time of the year when you see the Midnight Sun ( the opposite phenomenon to Polar Night. A phenomenon that occurs in latitudes north of the Arctic Circle where the sun is visible at the local midnight as a result of the tilt in the Earth’s axis w.r.t the ecliptic). Its that time of the year when your planning/estimation/forecasting skills are tested to its very limits while you precisely plan your bus connection to office and back.

Yes, its winter, -18 degrees centigrade, and in contradiction to what you might be thinking, “Im Enjoying It, enjoying every bit of it”. The kids, all protectively covered and playing with their sledges and shovels, building snowmen who can whether the winter. The people hurrying home to have that hot cup of chocolate. The heavy machines that clear inches of snow off the road and walkways and spread grime for grip. The pure white expanses wonderfully spoilt by those tree barks in contrast coloring. These scenes will remain fresh in my mind for many years to come. Or at least till the snow melts ;D


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