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March Desktop Calendar

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Mayur Polepalli, Rashmi Polepalli, Rose Pandey, http://www.vinaydeep.com

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Welcome All

What was otherwise a lazy afternoon

Casual experiments from vinaydeep on Vimeo

Memory lane. ECE-B. 1

A tribute to all the folks who made college life unforgeable.

First contact of a guy ‘A’ and a gal ‘S’
S (in fast paced English): “A”, can u hold the printer for a while when i go back to the hostel and
get a book
A ( !! ): Thank you
_end of class_
rumour has it that “A” has an embedded 8085 processor that translates English into Tamil and outputs a running display embedded on his eye. In the above case the 8085 failed as a result of shot between GND and PWR.

A smarty, a scholar, a mazzy, his name is P and here are a few of his literary works

– I’m not in your house, I’m in your blouse
– I’ not in tuition, im with u in fusion
– I am a candle, u are a sundal. Both in beach, lighting, eating

But the cake goes to

Love is God,
God is love,
How are you?
I am fine!

Dr. Prof R: The table is an antenna, the tree is an antenna, Divya Surendrin is an Antenna.

(here its OK to retain a name. yeah extending Shakespeare’s script; what’s in a name, its also an antenna ;)

All tensed to attend Radio and Wave guides Lab Viva
Class Rep R: Machhi, how to calculate impedance for the coaxial cable to satellite
Viva Cancelled

Kodai camp-fire and all are dancing it. Few are pissed off that the sexes were not mixing freely enough.

DS: Girls ellam avvalo bold illa.
P (lighting his ciggie with firewood): Enna “Bold”, “Italics” innu computer baashai la pesurae.
(DS takes two steps back)

RDBMS session were handled by THE lady who never needed to take a breath between her sentences.

And when we finally decided to let her know of her strange condition, it was more like this

Teacher (students): “A type (clap clap clap!!) of database management system (DBMS) (clap clap clap) that stores (clap clap clap) data (clap clap clap) in the form (clap clap clap) of related tables. (clap clap clap… went on for 5 minutes)

What makes this extra special is that, we didn’t have to discuss among ourselves to pull off that round of applause after every word she uttered. Now that’s what we call “on the same wavelength”

more later…

under the hood of TataSky

Over lunch a few of us folks discussed about the options for subscribing to television channels in India. TataSky seemed to be a good option with a good mix of channels and moderate initial setup cost of around Rs2499.

On casual online exploration, i happened to stumble upon this review about tatasky. Though the opinion provided seems to be one sided, the author sure does bring to light some very good points one should consider before investing there.

Here is what influences my decision.

1. Does not / sparingly works when it rains. So also consider a contract with the weather God.

2. The Set Top Box (STB) has only composite output. So irrespective of the transmission quality, you know you can never watch HD. I don’t want to have a TV that does Full HD (1080p) and have a STB that will not give me that content even though the provider _might_ offer it in the future. This is _not_ future proof.

3. No Free to Air channel unless you subscribe to the service. TataSky also does not permit repositioning the dish to recieve free to air channels from satellites other than TataSky’s (Insat 4a?)

4. TataSky owns the dish, so once you terminate the contract, off goes your dish and you are left with the STB that can not be used with other DTH providers. Considering the relatively low setup cost, this neednt be a matter of top concern if you think you are going to be a loyal customer for TataSky for a considerable time.

I am still not considering shifting from cable. Probably should wat for IP TV as well, befire makign the final call.

Wanna play an Indian play?

Please vote if you think its a good idea to (re)enact the monologue play (WE, performed for India Week, Tampere) on Aug 16 in Hervanta.


Not enough votes for yes. No replaying old stuff :)


Dudes and Dudettes ouside Finland, kindly excuse maadi ;)

Moving in ..

After blogging at blogger for over 2 years, ive decided to move into wordpress. Its also time to redirect traffic from vinaydeep.com to this place making it a single interface to my portal.

The reasons why i moved here are enumerated below and ordered in importance of that feature to me.

1. Easy Installation / Upgrade / Migration across hosts.

WordPress can be installed on most hosts and migrating the whole portal can be comparatively easy. Im yet to research a hosting company and a plan that would suit me best, so till then wordpress.com gives me a nice place to remain active. To top it all, wordpress also imported all my post from blogger with ease.

2. WordPress Pages

I wanted to have some non-blog content to add a nice touch towards an online portal. WordPress pages was just what i needed.

3. WordPress Templates

I liked the three and four column templates that would help me manage and display both my blogs in one web page. Yes, ive now moved A Tip A Day (ATAD) into a new blog , talking of which it would be nice to have more contribitors who would like to chip in and tip whenever time permits. There are a large vaiety of themes and plugins that are freely available that i could use in the future.

Im luvin it.

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