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A techshow with a twist

Of the million tech shows on the internet, i happened to stumble on techsmart. Any guy who has a grey side (it would be safe to assume “all guys”) would recognize the host of this show.

In case you still are guessing, here is a little something to refresh your memory http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ron_Jeremy
Oh yeah, a google for “Ron Jeremy” will also give you access to a lot of in-porn-mation. Continue reading


Upgrade from Vista to XP !!

I honestly don’t like to make my blog one of those Microsoft bashing portals for the fact that I admire what they did to the Zune; but sometimes I stumble on stuff that is so hilariously fascinating that they definitely are worth blogging. I must admit though, that I am a bit biased towards Open Source. :)

Ok. so here it goes…
This article published on the microsoft website details the advantages of XP as a superior and secure operating system (which I would agree to an extent), and then got this article (via Wired) on the same microsoft website px that gives system administrators (or related business development owners) reasons that justify the upgrade to Vista. Of the many stupid reasons mentioned there, are also the ones related to security and maintenance costs, the same ones mentioned in support of XP. Now which do I believe…!!

On the other side of the Window, the one where the frustrated Vista user is dwelling, comes rejoice where Microsoft is silently providing the possibility of downgrade (or upgrade to be precise) from Vista to XP. OEM vendors will provide XP installation media for a minimal sum (in the whereabouts of USD 10) to users who have purchased their hardware which came pre loaded with Vista :D

One of the funniest ad’s ive come across

*no thanks!!*

back in school we devised a foot board for the Windows m/c. Just a simple combination on three keys “Ctrl” + “Alt” + “Del”

Ubuntu’d and luvin it

More experiments with Ubuntu are up on Gadget7 and you can check it out here

For sheer expandability and customization, im totally addicted to this OS. This is fun :)

Microsoft ZunePhone, the all new …err!!

yet another battery recall

After Dell, Sony and Apple its now Nokia’s turn. Nokia has today announced a battery recall program for the BL-5C batteries manufactured between December 2005 and November 2006, after incidents of an overheating battery during its charging. Though Nokia claims that there have been no reports of serious injuries or property damage, it would be a good idea to replace yours if it is defective.

To know if your phone battery is one of the 46 million batteries that are part of the product advisory, check out this

Lucky guys get to replace their dying batteries ;)
I was not so lucky myself.

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