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Memory lane. ECE-B. 1

A tribute to all the folks who made college life unforgeable.

First contact of a guy ‘A’ and a gal ‘S’
S (in fast paced English): “A”, can u hold the printer for a while when i go back to the hostel and
get a book
A ( !! ): Thank you
_end of class_
rumour has it that “A” has an embedded 8085 processor that translates English into Tamil and outputs a running display embedded on his eye. In the above case the 8085 failed as a result of shot between GND and PWR.

A smarty, a scholar, a mazzy, his name is P and here are a few of his literary works

– I’m not in your house, I’m in your blouse
– I’ not in tuition, im with u in fusion
– I am a candle, u are a sundal. Both in beach, lighting, eating

But the cake goes to

Love is God,
God is love,
How are you?
I am fine!

Dr. Prof R: The table is an antenna, the tree is an antenna, Divya Surendrin is an Antenna.

(here its OK to retain a name. yeah extending Shakespeare’s script; what’s in a name, its also an antenna ;)

All tensed to attend Radio and Wave guides Lab Viva
Class Rep R: Machhi, how to calculate impedance for the coaxial cable to satellite
Viva Cancelled

Kodai camp-fire and all are dancing it. Few are pissed off that the sexes were not mixing freely enough.

DS: Girls ellam avvalo bold illa.
P (lighting his ciggie with firewood): Enna “Bold”, “Italics” innu computer baashai la pesurae.
(DS takes two steps back)

RDBMS session were handled by THE lady who never needed to take a breath between her sentences.

And when we finally decided to let her know of her strange condition, it was more like this

Teacher (students): “A type (clap clap clap!!) of database management system (DBMS) (clap clap clap) that stores (clap clap clap) data (clap clap clap) in the form (clap clap clap) of related tables. (clap clap clap… went on for 5 minutes)

What makes this extra special is that, we didn’t have to discuss among ourselves to pull off that round of applause after every word she uttered. Now that’s what we call “on the same wavelength”

more later…


a different perspective at HD DVD vs Blu-Ray

Reviewers on the internet and myself have already done quite some comparo on the video format wars, and though we already have a clear winner (read Blu Ray), i stumbled upon this nice piece of footage (thanks to some late night browsing) which definitely was interesting.

With some expert commets from Jenna Jameson, “Its like ure actually sitting there and watching the action, its so sharp, so perfect” and other interesting comments like “Video that leaves even less to the imagination”. This is a must see.

an interesting paradox

“Are we searching Google, or is Google searching us”

An interesting find via Slashdot pointing to a story by George Dyson, Engineers’ Dream

When Ed examined the traffic, he realized that Google was doing more than mapping the digital universe. Google doesn’t merely link or point to data. It moves data around. Data that are associated frequently by search requests are locally replicated—establishing physical proximity, in the real universe, that is manifested computationally as proximity in time. Google was more than a map. Google was becoming something else. …

“This was the paradox of artificial intelligence: any system simple enough to be understandable will not be complicated enough to behave intelligently; and any system complicated enough to behave intelligently will not be simple enough to understand.”

A techshow with a twist

Of the million tech shows on the internet, i happened to stumble on techsmart. Any guy who has a grey side (it would be safe to assume “all guys”) would recognize the host of this show.

In case you still are guessing, here is a little something to refresh your memory
Oh yeah, a google for “Ron Jeremy” will also give you access to a lot of in-porn-mation. Continue reading

Upgrade from Vista to XP !!

I honestly don’t like to make my blog one of those Microsoft bashing portals for the fact that I admire what they did to the Zune; but sometimes I stumble on stuff that is so hilariously fascinating that they definitely are worth blogging. I must admit though, that I am a bit biased towards Open Source. :)

Ok. so here it goes…
This article published on the microsoft website details the advantages of XP as a superior and secure operating system (which I would agree to an extent), and then got this article (via Wired) on the same microsoft website px that gives system administrators (or related business development owners) reasons that justify the upgrade to Vista. Of the many stupid reasons mentioned there, are also the ones related to security and maintenance costs, the same ones mentioned in support of XP. Now which do I believe…!!

On the other side of the Window, the one where the frustrated Vista user is dwelling, comes rejoice where Microsoft is silently providing the possibility of downgrade (or upgrade to be precise) from Vista to XP. OEM vendors will provide XP installation media for a minimal sum (in the whereabouts of USD 10) to users who have purchased their hardware which came pre loaded with Vista :D

One of the funniest ad’s ive come across

*no thanks!!*

back in school we devised a foot board for the Windows m/c. Just a simple combination on three keys “Ctrl” + “Alt” + “Del”

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