under the hood of TataSky

Over lunch a few of us folks discussed about the options for subscribing to television channels in India. TataSky seemed to be a good option with a good mix of channels and moderate initial setup cost of around Rs2499.

On casual online exploration, i happened to stumble upon this review about tatasky. Though the opinion provided seems to be one sided, the author sure does bring to light some very good points one should consider before investing there.

Here is what influences my decision.

1. Does not / sparingly works when it rains. So also consider a contract with the weather God.

2. The Set Top Box (STB) has only composite output. So irrespective of the transmission quality, you know you can never watch HD. I don’t want to have a TV that does Full HD (1080p) and have a STB that will not give me that content even though the provider _might_ offer it in the future. This is _not_ future proof.

3. No Free to Air channel unless you subscribe to the service. TataSky also does not permit repositioning the dish to recieve free to air channels from satellites other than TataSky’s (Insat 4a?)

4. TataSky owns the dish, so once you terminate the contract, off goes your dish and you are left with the STB that can not be used with other DTH providers. Considering the relatively low setup cost, this neednt be a matter of top concern if you think you are going to be a loyal customer for TataSky for a considerable time.

I am still not considering shifting from cable. Probably should wat for IP TV as well, befire makign the final call.

2 responses to “under the hood of TataSky

  • sameera

    Hey Vinay, a very nice looking 4 col template you got that lets you showcase the different sides of your personality and interests.

    esp lou the photos..checked ur flickr sometime back and boy, are u talented!

    i feel u could consider increasin the width of this blog column for easier reading :)

    and why the sudden wondering abt tata sky? for ur family back home? or u coming back?

  • vinaydeep

    Hi Sameera,

    im still running on free hosting on wordpress and so my options of customizing the stylesheet are limited. but yes, i shud definitely increase the width of the main blog. i can see your skills as a good technical writer with that comment ;)

    and yeah, photography is my recent venture, largely because of the fair amount of time ive been getting here and the encouragement from folks like you :)

    yup, comin back next month.. considering a move into HD for complete home entertainment system and so…

    aaad thanks for dropping by :)

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