Moving in ..

After blogging at blogger for over 2 years, ive decided to move into wordpress. Its also time to redirect traffic from to this place making it a single interface to my portal.

The reasons why i moved here are enumerated below and ordered in importance of that feature to me.

1. Easy Installation / Upgrade / Migration across hosts.

WordPress can be installed on most hosts and migrating the whole portal can be comparatively easy. Im yet to research a hosting company and a plan that would suit me best, so till then gives me a nice place to remain active. To top it all, wordpress also imported all my post from blogger with ease.

2. WordPress Pages

I wanted to have some non-blog content to add a nice touch towards an online portal. WordPress pages was just what i needed.

3. WordPress Templates

I liked the three and four column templates that would help me manage and display both my blogs in one web page. Yes, ive now moved A Tip A Day (ATAD) into a new blog , talking of which it would be nice to have more contribitors who would like to chip in and tip whenever time permits. There are a large vaiety of themes and plugins that are freely available that i could use in the future.

Im luvin it.


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