work (un)culture!!

Lets pick some lines from few techies’ jabberwocky conversation.
“Man!! Im simply too busy for nethin right now”
“Im slogging my arse off”
“Ive got no time to do that, all i can think of is that harsh deadline”

Mr. Techie is working hard towards meeting a unrealistic deadline; sweat and toil, and finally with a heroic effort the target is achieved with all might and valor. Victory!! one might say. Accolades flow in from all directions and further motivate Mr. Techie to stretch. Now, people around Mr. Techie realize the magnitude of effort he put into this war against time, not to mention his unique ability to stretch, and motivate him to keep up the good work done. He is now considered an integral member in the team and soon becomes a stimulant inspiration for the new techie to follow suit.

The vicious glorious cycle is thriving.
All this, at the expense of what?

Merriam Webster defines “culture” as “enlightenment and excellence of taste acquired by intellectual and aesthetic training. acquaintance with and taste in fine arts, humanities, and broad aspects of science as distinguished from vocational and technical skills”

Now its up to *you* to define “unculture”.


7 responses to “work (un)culture!!

  • RamantheB

    i assume you meant ‘culture’ and not ‘cluture’

  • Vinay

    oopsie, kurrected.

    btw good assumption :D

  • swas

    Are you in love with the striking out feature or something?!! Man, so many strike-outs! Wish you could strike out the mistakes you made in life and write a new line.. don’t you? :D

    BTW, in reply to ur comm on my buhhlog–

    Only because I got out of my couch I have gone looking for answers. And yeah I did find some!!

    And yeah you could have put all your thots in instead of just a part..

  • swas

    And BTW, how did you end up writing such a thing?

    I thought you were one of those techies?!

  • Vinay

    @swas, the strikeout is a writing style that gives two perspectives to the text, one if you consider the striked out words and another if you skip them. i guess u alredy figured that out :)

    in due course, i will blog more thoughts on this subject. but for now i leave it to the readers to think and comment abt this, its implications and possible remedies.

    and s, u got it right, i *was* one of those techies

  • Josie

    Getting fed up with the “system”,eh?!? God knows how many (un)cultural work ethics u created in ur office?!? ;-)

  • Vinay

    @josie, naah, not fed up, not yet!!
    but seriously, jus begining to enjoy it. ;)

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