It seemed like ages had passed. Long ago, sometime around the prehistoric time, I knew a fellow dinosaur called CS. Yesterday, thanks to orkut, after ages, we got back in touch as men. It was quite a pleasant reunion and a very memorable day in my life. We did not speak for long as it was way past bed time, but caught up with most of the old times and the happenings in our lives.

4 responses to “Reunion

  • RamantheB

    Vinay Deep, i am planning to buy a new cell phone.

    So i’d like your opinion on whats best, (of course i can get only whats available in the US)

    A post on the latest phones outlining pros and cons wouldnt hurt

    By the way, i am assuming you are talking about C.Subramanian ??

    Good for both of you

  • Vinay

    rama, yes it is C.Subramanian :)

    And rama, abt the cellphones, i dont have much idea about CDMA phones. Your service provider will give you limited options on the phone, post those model numbers to me and ill check them out and let you know.

    If you are looking at GSM handsets then i find the following great vfm (in that order)
    1. Nokia 6681/6680
    2. Nokia 6630
    3. Nokia 6280/6270
    4. Sony Erricson K 750i
    5. Motorola Razr V3i

    keep me informed on your decision :)

  • swas

    Take your own time, sweet heart! ;)

    And just because i don’t have a word verification, it doesn’t mean you spam my space!!! Aaaanyway,
    it gives me happiness to do things to people i don’t like! I mean bad things! :-D

    And yeah who’s that guy in the pic?! Your twin?! Must say he looks much better than you! :P

  • Vinay

    the smart twin within me has risen and added a new perspective ;-D

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