Outa hibernation and posting …

It has been a cold winter, but eventually im outa my 5 month blogger hibernation. The temperature outside is peaking at around 40 degrees centigrade now. It has taken its toll on the better half of my life, riding has come to end this summer with hampi and kanha tiger reserve (http://vinay.rides.fotopic.net/c850263.html) Time has come to stay indoors and experience the pleasure of the HVAC system designed by Willis Haviland Carrier, roll cold waterbottles on your face, consume a lot of fluids and also expel them …

Koshun: What will a soul like me do when confined indoors?
Anser : Movies, Music, Party and Play on the comp…
Never was a reader of books, always preferred watching the movies. You never get to hear all those SFX and see those visual masterpieces by flipping over the pages of the book.
I have to tell you guys how badly I felt missed-out when I could not read the book that was termed, as a mandatory must read, The Da Vinci Code…but viola its here on 19th of may this year (http://flash.sonypictures.com/movies/davincicode/website/home.html).

Talking about movies but on an entirely different plane compared to the above, we have our very own Captain India, Vijayakanth, the brilliant jewel of the south. His most electrifying performance is captured in the “Karent Saak” video (http://youtube.com/watch?v=7nOhiKwZWdU&search=vijayakanth). He has kept up his mind blowing image in the latest movie Sudesi where he has captivated his fans yet another time. I haven’t watched the movie but I head that people go brain dead after seeing it. Though captain is the best and famous for his visual effects and punch dialogues we can not forget out “fur”-gotten “hair”-o, TR. I happened to come across one of his all time best couplets, “Vaada Machhi… Vaalakka Bhajji” (http://youtube.com/watch?v=o4t87odQvxY&search=TR)

This much is enough for now. After seeing the above two videos you probably can not read what is written below inbetween the quotes.
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6 responses to “Outa hibernation and posting …

  • Saraansh

    You said-
    ‘You never get to hear all those SFX and see those visual masterpieces by flipping over the pages of the book’

    You do realise that that is not the book’s shortcoming :-)

  • Vinay

    true :)
    but it sure is a virtue of the motion picture, one which i fancy :)

  • RamantheB

    Mr Deep, nice to see you posting after long.I was pleasantly surprised to note you had updated recently and paid you a visit.
    I shall visit regularly if thou shall post regularly.

    I tend to agree with Saaransh, in fact it is a virtue of the book that it leaves it to the reader to conjure up the sound effects and the visual .

    On the movie screen you are just watching someone else’s interpretation of a particular emotive expression which sometimes cannot have the desired evocation effect on the viewer.

  • Vinay

    Mr. RamantheB
    welcome :)

    how about reading Science Project #1 …. naaah … rotfl

  • RamantheB

    vd ,

    looks like you have gone back into hibernation

  • Vinay

    naah, was outa town on al weekends..
    will be back and kickin this week :)

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