Platinum : Gold : PETROL

The title says it all… but still there are finer aspects to this. The prices of fuel have now hit a mind blowing Rs 49.81 here in Hyderabad and an excess of Rs 51 in bangalore. I happened to notice the breakup of fuel prices in NIC some time back.

47.32 (petrol price in Bangalore in INR)=
19.64 (value at supply point) +
14.86 (excise duty + edu. cess – Central Govt.) +
11.91 (States sales tax) +
0.77 (dealer commission) +
0.14 (other charges)

Now i can understand the value at supply point but the other charges seem to make no sense to me. The biggest question to me is to where this money is going? I still am negotiating potholes (and all the other inherent aspects of Indian roads), i still am riding in badly lit roads w/o road dividers, I still am running on standard 87 octane fuel (sub standard in many other countries) …

I am beginning to wonder whether paying taxes is day light robbery.

I have always heard that problems need to be addressed at the grass root level. But here its way below that: HELL, I would say.

8 responses to “Platinum : Gold : PETROL

  • Sudha Narayanan

    I agree.. I agree!!! :) Strongly!

  • Vinay

    hey Sudha, welcome to my blog.
    Its high time something is done about this. The 100 liter question would be, WHAT?? :)

  • RamantheB

    Vinay… i dont have anything to do with gasoline here as i always take the subway, but during Katrina the prices jumped almost 250% in some towns..

    Prices for fuel are a lot cheaper in the u.s than in India

  • Vinay

    yeah rama, i too head about the fuel price increase in US. Folks in US are unhappy with the price increase because it was steep and sudden. But here we are unhappy because the price is just too high, though the increase was gradual. But still, towards the end of the day I have to fuel my vehicles……

    The roads are bad, but I have promises to keep,
    And miles to go before I sleep,
    And miles to go before I sleep :)

    – vinay (on behalf of most Indians)

  • Sumit

    Yeah the fuel prices have really begun to pinch.. esp on long rides.. but there seems no respite in sight as long as the tensions in middle east continue..

  • Vinay

    @sumit, welcome to my blog. IMHO one of the people who seem to be least affected by the pertrol price hike is you.. thanks to the riding spirit :)

  • rose

    Hey Vinay,

    How are you doing? I came across ure blog by error and after reading it I realized that youre a better writer than most software engineers I have known in my short life!:)

    And abt that SBI ATM thingy….I wish it were true! Honestly….


  • Vinay

    hey rose, welcome to my blog :)

    Am pleased that you liked the blog…

    The snap @ SBI ATM was taken by the roomie and yes, its one hundred percent authentic :)

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